For Immediate Release: October 29, 2021

Social Media Startup Pays Homage to Local Chamber of Commerce with Innovative Branding

Cupertino, CA, Oct. 29, 2021- The Cupertino Chamber of Commerce is pleased to acknowledge that the Meta logo announced yesterday is slightly different, yet may be derivative of the logo adopted by the Cupertino Chamber of Commerce in 2017. 

Cupertino has been a destination and inspiration for innovators everywhere. It is great to see new companies continue to be inspired by our community.


Sculpture at Cali Mill Plaza, Cupertino, CA                     Street in Cupertino, CA

“If we had come up with our logo after Meta, that would have been awkward,” someone said.


The Cupertino Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit business and community advocacy organization with members that employ more than 45,000 people. The Chamber works with nonprofits, government, education, and private industry to strengthen local businesses and advocate for a vibrant, sustainable, and healthy economy and community. For more information, visit #cupchamber