Save our Small Businesses – Here’s How!

The Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors is voting on a proposed $100 million small business financial assistance package, which could include grants and loans, on Tuesday, December 8th. It only takes a few seconds to lend your voice to support the cause through this link:

When Santa Clara County moved into the Purple Tier and most of the economy has been shut down, it is a no-brainer that small businesses are suffering the most from this crisis. According to a recent poll by Alignable, 33% of California small businesses were unable to pay their November rent. The hardest-hit industries are restaurants, beauty salons, retailers, and more.

The numbers are even worse for California minority-owned business owners with 38% of them being unable to pay November rent. COVID-19 has exacerbated and highlighted the decades of existing inequities that women-owned and minority-owned small business owners face. We have a chance to take one step towards addressing this inequity by supporting a $100 million financial assistance package to help the neediest small businesses survive the upcoming unpredictable winter.

Every small business needs our help at this critical moment. Please take a moment to sign your name in support and to join our campaign, because our small businesses cannot wait any longer for direct financial assistance. Take action here: