For Immediate Release: August 13, 2020

Your Vote Counts!

CUPERTINO, CA – At a regular meeting of its board, the Cupertino Chamber of Commerce adopted unanimous positions on Propositions and Measures on the November 3, 2020 ballot. 

Proposition 15: Oppose. The stated goals of the proposition cannot overcome the fact that it doesn’t work. Prop 13 needs reform, and education needs support; Prop 15 accomplishes neither. Neither does Prop 15 protect small businesses. Any local small business renting a storefront on a commercial property worth more than $3 million (virtually ALL brick and mortar stores in Cupertino) will be required to pay the higher tax rate when they can least afford it.

Proposition 19: Oppose. Prop. 19 perpetuates California property tax inequity. Prop. 19 merely plugs one hole in the state’s porous property tax laws while creating another. It’s time for holistic reform that simplifies the system and makes it more equitable. This isn’t it.

Proposition 21: Oppose. High rents in California are due to a shortage in the housing supply. We simply haven’t built homes fast enough to keep up with population growth. As a result, more people are competing for limited numbers of dwellings. But the tougher the rent restrictions in the state, the less likely developers will construct desperately needed units. Rent control will only make the housing shortage worse. Which is why voters should reject Proposition 21 on the Nov. 3 ballot.

Measure M: Support. The Cupertino Chamber of Commerce unanimously endorses support to maintain the existing parcel tax to support strong academic programs at the Fremont Union High School District. Measure M renews the existing $98 parcel tax providing approximately $5 million annually for 8 years, with citizen oversight, exemptions for seniors, and all funds benefitting local high schools be adopted. Vote YES on Measure M on the Nov. 3 ballot.

Measure S: Support. Protect clean and safe water, renew the existing parcel tax of the Santa Clara Valley Water District without increasing rates.

Measure T: Support. Continue protecting and preserving natural open spaces without increasing taxes.

Measure RR: Support. Preserve Caltrain service, support regional economic recovery, prevent traffic congestion with cleaner and quieter electric trains.


The Cupertino Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit business and community advocacy organization with members that employ more than 45,000 people. The Chamber works with government, education, and private industry to assist and strengthen local businesses, to be an advocate for a vibrant, sustainable, and healthy economy and community. For more information, visit