Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program

Did you know it is mandatory for employers with 50 or more full-time employees in the Bay Area to register with the Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program?  Even if your employer offers commuter benefits, to be in compliance with the Bay Area Air District’s Regulation 14, Rule 1, they are required to enroll in the program and update their registration annually. Employers must offer one or more of five types of transit benefits:
  • Pre-tax transit benefits
  • Employer-provided subsidy for transit or vanpooling
  • Employer-provided transit (such as shuttles)
  • Telework one or more days a week
  • A custom plan that includes other modes like bicycling or walking, possibly combined with promotions that encourage alternates to driving alone and more
 Employers can play a key role in affecting air quality and traffic congestion, both of which have a strong impact on our quality of life and future sustainability. We strongly encourage employers to comply.
Enrollment in the Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program is easy and free by visiting Take advantage of the many resources to help you comply. A helpful handbook walks you through all the options, and frequently asked questions answer your most important questions. We will provide lots of resources and hands-on support if needed. For more information, visit or email the team at to find out if your organization is registered.