Digital Marketing


Individual Services

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Members Non Members
Email $100.00 N/A
Cupertino Current Promotion page N/A
Small banner (1month) $200.00 Varies
Social Media
Facebook event sharing N/A
Publication (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter) $50.00 N/A
Boost * (Facebook & Instagram) $25.00 minimum N/A
Members Non Members
Calendar listing CupChamber N/A
Calendar image CupChamber N/A
Calendar image ILoveCupertino
Electronic Directory
Digital search N/A
Digital flip book Varies
Host Webinars
1 Interactive session 100** $50.00 Varies
1 Webinar 500** $100.00 Varies


✓ Included.

* Boost requires Publication. ** Number of registrants.

• Design & reports are not included. Design quote separately. Know sizes and specifications.

• Prices listed here may change without notice.

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